This last season, we were honored with the chance to tour with one of Mexico’s Top Travel Writers and overall  Mexico Expert , David Simmonds. We were recently featured  in his article, “Rural tourism: An insider’s guide to the real Mexico“.  Please take the time to check out Dave’s Magazine and also his nonprofit helping small Mexican communities.

I have driven thousands of miles of  the back roads of Mexico since 1970, the first year I drove to Puerto Vallarta in an old VW bus while in college. So I’ve seen a lot of the country. I recently spent three days with Brad exploring some of the dirt roads near PV and I can honestly attest that they were some of the best, most interesting days I have experienced. Brad is a very colorful and knowledgeable guy who really cares about the country. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to see the “real Mexico” contact Brad for a tour. He will take good care of you.

David Simmonds
Mexico Travel Writer and non-profit founder

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